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Printer support

This guide explains which printers we support on The Element and other devices running our client software. You can find a full list of printers at If you are not sure your printer is supported, please contact us via one of our support channels.

Marlin & Repetier

All printers that run unaltered Marlin or Repetier firmware are supported out of the box.
Printers that run adaptations of Marlin or Repetier, but still comply with their input and output commands also work. Custom features that have been added to a machine that require custom G-codes can be supported by our custom gcode command feature. On the cloud platform, you can add custom command buttons to a printer to access these special abilities.


Since version 1.3.9 of The Element's Formide client software, we support machines that need the CH34x USB drivers. These are typically Chinese Prusa clones with Melzi or Sanguinololu boards running the Mega2560 micro controller. If you run the Formide client on your own device, like a Raspberry Pi, be sure to enable the CH34 USB kernel module so these types of boards are picked up by Linux.


Delta printers are fully supported by Formide and The Element, as long as it's a Marlin based firmware.

Printer support