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What is the Formide Cloud Platform?

The Formide Cloud Platform is an API based platform. This means that next to our own platform site, 3rd party developers can also use the APIs to build apps and sites for 3D printing and hook into our ecosystem.

The Formide cloud API is accessible through our HTTP API, our RTM API, or one of our client libraries (see list below). It comes with all the features that are needed in a 3D printing workflow:

  • STL and G-code file storage library
  • Printer, material and slice setting management
  • Cloud slicing
  • Queueing system for printers connected via formide-client
  • Real time status updates from formide-client connected printers

Registering an application

Before you can connect your app to the Formide cloud API, you must register it in our developer portal.
This registration is needed to obtain credentials for our OAuth2 based authorization flow.
OAuth2 is a secure way to let users connect their Formide account to your application after which you can access the data
that your app is authorized for. Click here for more details about our authentication process.

Client libraries

To make it easy to connect your application to the Formide cloud API, we have made language libraries that wrap around our REST API.

Code samples

Quick setup

Checkout out our cloud code samples page for a list of examples how to use the Node.js library.

Full server

You can find a sample Express server that features authentication to the REST API and hits some endpoints in our Node.js client repository.

Get started

What is the Formide Cloud Platform?