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The main focus of Printr's software is cloud enabled 3D printing. We do this by combining our own cloud technology with open source client software and drivers, with the goal of connecting every 3D printer in the world.

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Open source

Printr hosts and contributes to a number of open source projects related to 3D printing.

Formide Client, a modular 3D printing client software that connects your 3D printer to the cloud. Runs on The Element, Raspberry Pi, or you can build your own native implementation.

Formide Drivers, 3D printer drivers written in C++ and Node.js. Works with Marlin, Repetier and custom firmwares.


Part of our product portfolio is integrations with manufacturers. 3D printers of several manufactures come with Formide pre-installed. For the end user this makes it easy to operate, for the manufacturer this adds many new functionalities with the least amount of effort.

More information about integrations can be found at